Featured Guest: Brandon Zemp

Episode Information

You know something has gone completely mainstream when people make fun of it. Over the past year, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been mentioned on Saturday Night Live, Real Time with Bill Maher, and all of the late-night talk shows. This week, Joe does a deep dive into crypto with Brandon Zemp, the host of the BlockHash Podcast, one of the best blockchain podcasts in the world. Brandon talks about his love of crypto and blockchain, what the future of cryptocurrencies looks like, and how he ended up in Medellín, Colombia.

Connect with Brandon Zemp and BlockHash on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,  and LinkedIn or email at blockhashteam@gmail.com.

About Brandon Zemp:
Brandon is a 26-year-old entrepreneur and investor/trader living in both Las Vegas and Medellín, Colombia. He is the host of the podcast “BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain” and an upcoming author with ForbesBooks.