Featured Guest: Denise Brinkmeyer

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We all want to create projects and execute projects, but most of the time you can’t do it without a project manager handling task status, time entries, and wrangling files. Joe’s guest this week is a sought-after speaker and trainer in the industry. Her name is Denise Brinkmeyer. She is the President & CEO of JUMP Technology Services and the author of Project Orienteering: A Field Guide For Project Leadership. Denise believes that anyone can reach their goals, so long as they ask the right questions and then make a commitment to carry through the necessary actions.

About Denise Brinkmeyer: Denise is president and chief strategic innovator of JUMP Technology Services, a leading provider of award-winning information technology products and services for public agencies and organizations. She and her team help others find their way through a labyrinth of complex issues embedded in technology innovation by developing and implementing software project management and software design methodologies that dramatically increase both customer satisfaction and department performance.