Featured Guest: Devon Keakulina DeAngelo and Nacera Belal

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With the pandemic lockdowns way back in the rearview mirror, people are traveling like never before. One recent study showed that the Adventure Tourism Market Size will be worth $1.009 Trillion by 2030. But we all know that traveling isn’t easy. This week’s guests are the founders of Landng, Devon Keakulina DeAngelo and Nacera Belal, and they’re on a mission to make the experience of travel planning frictionless, inclusive and creative.

About Devon Keakulina DeAngelo, CEO and Co-Founder: Devon is a digital content & community strategist with 10+ years of experience in social media management for global brands. Passionate about identity & culture studies. Deep understanding of Pacific, North American & EU markets. Fluent in FR & EN.

About Nacera Belal, COO and Co-Founder: Nacera is a Project/Product Manager with 10+ years experience across startups, agencies, & Fortune 500 corporations. Passionate about social impact and cultural anthropology. M.Sc. in International Management, with a specialization in Sustainability Systems. Fluent in FR & EN.