Featured Guest: Donnie Hutchinson

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One of the few positives to come out of the pandemic has been our focus on work-life balance. With millions of white-collar workers forced to work at home for over a year, the lines between work and life were incredibly blurred. Some might say that the phenomenon known as the great resignation was in response to employees seeking more of a work-life balance. So, how do we achieve that holy grail of work-life balance? This week Joe finds out more about achieving the holy grail of work-life balance with Donnie Hutchinson, an internationally recognized speaker, author, and researcher on implementing self-care strategies to promote work-life balance.

About Donnie Hutchinson: Donnie is an Internationally recognized speaker, author, and researcher on implementing self-care strategies to promote work-life balance. He is the host of The Get Balanced Podcast with Dr. Donnie and spends most of his time conducting his Work-Life Balance Transformation workshops. This evidence-based workshop teaches you the knowledge, then takes you step-by-step with execution strategies and tactics to become more effective and thriving at work, home, and in all roles in life.

He’s also an Army National Guard veteran and adjunct professor, where he teaches executive leadership classes at the University of Dayton. He’s a former business executive where he led the organization in recognition as the 25th fastest growing company by Inc. 500.

For the past five years, Dr. Donnie has been the work-life balance trainer and presenter at the International Association of firefighters (IAFF/ALTS) annual conferences and has delivered numerous workshops and webinars for EMS, local fire districts, and state organizations. He also works with private businesses, medical staff, and the government sector.

Dr. Donnie wrote Lead with Balance: How to Master Work-Life Balance in an Imbalanced Culture (Advantage) and co-authored a university textbook called Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace: Aligning Initiative with Strategic Business Goals. His chapter on work-life balance addresses generational and cultural differences in managing employee work-life balance friendly policies.

He is an active and proud father of four children and resides in Dayton, Ohio, with his wife, Marlene.