Featured Guest: Esther Franklin

Episode Information

On this episode of the podcast, Joe welcomes Esther Franklin, a serial entrepreneur whose area of expertise is centered around highway infrastructure. Politicians love talking about infrastructure during election cycles, but fixes usually get put off until they’re absolutely necessary. Because of that, U.S. airports, roads, and public transportation systems have often been compared to ones found in third-world countries. But now it seems that legislators are willing to spend the money on infrastructure, but…how are they going to spend the money?

About Esther Franklin: Esther is an Author and serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the real estate sector, was born and raised in The City of Bridges. One of her areas of expertise is centered in a niche market, namely highway infrastructure. Esther specializes in right-of-way acquisition work. She is the CEO of ALROWS, LLC who works with both the private and public sectors to assist in the process of roadway improvements, engineering, and construction of bridges, highway design, and road maintenance. She is passionate about developing a succession plan for right of way professionals in her industry. Esther believes that highway infrastructure contributes to economic growth through increased mobility. Highway infrastructure enables connections to local, national, and international markets. Esther has an MBA in Finance, a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and she holds a real estate title agent license in PA, GA, and LA.