Featured Guest: Jad Shalhoub

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It takes a lot to succeed in the world of healthcare these days, and that’s even before the pandemic came along. Not only do you have to undergo intensive training, but then you have to essentially become an entrepreneur, with very little business training. How do you separate your practice from the others? How do you handle the competition in your specialty? How do one make it? Joining Joe this week to talk all about it is Jad Shalhoub, the Executive Director of Advanced Vascular Solutions, one of the top vascular and wound care practices in Florida.

About Jad Shalhoub:
Jad is the Executive Director of the family-owned medical group, Advanced Vascular Solutions. An Industrial Engineer by trade, Jad brings a unique perspective to healthcare by looking at everything through the lens of process improvement and systems thinking. Jad is a man of Christian faith and believes there is a strong connection between his work and God’s heart towards humanity: to heal people and restore them to their purpose. The young healthcare executive also draws from his faith as an inspiration to be a service-based leader for the physicians and staff he works with.