Featured Guest: Meir Fried

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There are so many things we can invest in these days: Cash and commodities, bonds and securities, investment Funds, and of course the Stock Market. Investors looking for income generation, appreciation, and other benefits often turn to real estate. But for some folks, multifamily properties might present the most accessible, relatable, and rewarding real estate investment available. And this week’s guest knows a thing or two about real estate investments. Joining Joe on the podcast is Meir Fried, the CEO & Co-Founder of Lightwater Capital Investments, where his team identifies prime multifamily investment opportunities.

About Meir Fried: Lightwater Co-Founder, CEO Meir Fried has spent the past 9 years in the multifamily real estate property investment arena. Building upon his broad management experience as VP and Partner at J Wasser & Co, he uses the same level of professionalism, integrity and innovation to lead the Lightwater team in daily operations and work in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the Multifamily Industry. Lightwater Has successfully acquired over 1000 apartments for more than 100 million dollars within the first 2 years of their establishment.