Featured Guest: Osnat Benari

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George Elliot said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” And Joe’s guest this week has admittedly reinvented herself more times than she cared or wanted to count. Osnat Benari is a product leader, strategist, and active advisor and coach for startups and young professionals. She’s also the author of the new book, “Starting from Scratch: Managing Change Like Your Career Depends On It.” In it, she provides the step-by-step process of starting from scratch and everything you need to make change work for you.

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About Osnat Benari: Osnat is a product creator and an active mentor for startups and professionals. She consults on leadership, product and strategy at DragonCanFly, a product, strategy, and creative agency. Previously, she was at Diligent as the Senior Vice President of Product Management and was on the founding team of WeWork Labs building its physical and digital experiences. Osnat spent her 20+ years in various product roles, including leading product partnerships for BBG Ventures as well as the product and innovation groups for Verizon, AOL Video, and Studios. She serves on the Advisory Board for Audioburst, on CS at Hunter College in NYC and is an advocate of resilience and mental health in the workplace. Her first book, Starting from Scratch, is now available online and at bookstores.