Featured Guest: Rebekah Borucki

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The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘disruption’ as a radical change to an existing industry or market due to technological innovation. The word ‘disruption’ gets thrown around A LOT these days. Mostly in tech circles. But how do you disrupt that industry that’s been around since the nineteenth century? That’s what Joe’s guest this week is doing.  Her name is Rebekah Borucki, and she is the President of Row House Publishing. Rebekah talks about her team’s mission to support diverse communities and DISRUPT the book publishing industry.

About Rebekah “Bex” Borucki (she/they): Rebekah is a mother-to-five, self-help and children’s author, and the Founder and President of Row House, Wheat Penny Press (Row House’s children’s imprint), and the WPP Little Readers Big Change Initiative. Since 2009, Rebekah has run an online wellness advocacy space through her BexLife platform. She has also served on the Yoga Alliance Equity Task Force and as a mentor for Hay House’s Diverse Wisdom Initiative. Rebekah is driven by a commitment to make wellness tools available to all and to help others recover the liberation stolen from them by White Supremacy. She lives with her family in New Jersey.