Featured Guests: Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo

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In this episode of the Forbes Books Podcast, we explore the rapidly evolving world of Information Technology and its impact on businesses. With technological advancements like AI, cloud computing, 5G, IoT, and cyber security, the IT sector is undergoing a major transformation. However, many companies fail to recognize the potential impact of their IT team on their growth, missing out on the benefits of an IT-driven growth strategy. Joe is joined by Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo, co-authors of “Demystifying IT,” who shed light on the significance of using technology to drive growth and efficiency. Bhopi and Saurajit are top executives at CG Infinity, a Texas-based IT consulting firm that prioritizes customer satisfaction and fosters innovation. Tune in to learn more about how technology can be leveraged to drive long-term growth and profits for your company.