Featured Guests: Pietro Novelli and Kunaal Chande

Episode Information

The topic of Web3 and the Metaverse has come up several times on the podcast, and on this episode, we’re highlighting the work of Mintouge.  Joe is joined by co-founders, Pietro Novelli and Kunaal Chande. Pietro and Kunaal discuss how their startup connects luxury brands to their customers and how Mintouge enables brands to deliver customer service post-sale, digitizing physical assets and communicating via a product’s digital twin.

About Pietro Novelli: Pietro is CEO and co-founder of Mintouge the leading web3 luxury platform. Previous to Mintouge, he worked for Meta for 5 years as a Marketing Manager for Business Partners, E-Commerce and Luxury in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Pietro believes in stakeholder capitalism as a driving principle for a better and sustainable economy and his passion for Italian craftsmanship drives every step of the way.

About Kunaal Chande: Kunaal has professional experience in venture capital, private equity, and fintech. With a diverse skill set and interest in fashion, Kunaal began his entrepreneurial journey, with business partner Pietro Novelli, supporting Italian artisans in ecommerce. After successfully navigating the retail space, they have gone on to co-found Mintouge, a company set to innovate the fashion industry with web3 technology. Kunaal is also committed to supporting non-profit and charitable initiatives through his work with Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow and iHeartAfrica.