Finding Your Calling: Suneel Gupta on Everyday Dharma

Episode Information

Finding purpose and meaning in life is easier said than done. In this week’s episode of the Forbes Books Podcast, Joe is joined by Suneel Gupta to discuss his new book Everyday Dharma: 8 Essential Practices for Finding Success and Joy in Everything You Do. Suneel knows firsthand the struggle of losing one’s inner compass. After outward success as a CEO and public health expert, he felt unfulfilled – until he rediscovered his dharma. Now he’s made it his mission to help others avoid that aimless drift. Tune in as Suneel and Joe have an enlightening conversation about finding your sacred calling. Discover simple, actionable ways to live and work with purpose. If you want to rediscover meaning amidst the chaos, this is one podcast episode you won’t want to miss!

About Suneel Gupta:  Suneel lost his Dharma and then found it again. He is the founding CEO of RISE and co-founder of the Gross National Happiness Center in the United States. As an author, a visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School, and host of a hit documentary series, Suneel studies the most extraordinary people on the planet to discover and share simple, actionable habits to lift our performance and deepen our daily sense of purpose. His work has been featured by major outlets including CNBC, TED, and the New York Times.