From Impostor to Empowered: Dr. Jill Stoddard on Defeating Self-Doubt (Part Two)

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After discussing the prevalence of imposter syndrome and Dr. Stoddard’s personal experiences, the conversation shifts to practical strategies for growth and change. Dr. Stoddard provides research-backed techniques to help quiet negative self-talk and build self-confidence. As she explains, learning to silence your inner critic is key to overcoming feelings of fraudulence. She introduces the acronym PAVE to help listeners remember four powerful skills of psychological flexibility.  Tune in as Dr. Stoddard outlines simple yet profound ways we can all incorporate PAVE into our daily lives to conquer self-doubt, act authentically, and bring our best selves forward. This inspiring discussion provides takeaway tools to help listeners cultivate self-compassion on their journeys from imposter thinking to empowerment.


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