How to Escape Wonderhell and Find Your True Purpose with Laura Gassner Otting (Part Two)

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In the powerful conclusion of this episode of The Success Paradox, Gary wraps up his talk with acclaimed keynote speaker and author, Laura Gassner Otting. As we explore the depths of Wonderhell and how to emerge stronger and more content, Gary and Laura address a common challenge faced by those who have achieved their dreams: imposter syndrome. Laura opens up about her experiences with imposter syndrome, sharing candidly and vulnerably. She reveals the inner battles she fought when finally attaining everything she desired, only to be plagued by self-doubt and the fear of being exposed as a fraud. Through her own struggles, she offers valuable insights and practical strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and finding true fulfillment in success. But this episode isn’t just about Laura’s journey—it’s about what she hopes readers will take away from her new book, Wonderhell: Why Success Doesn’t Feel Like It Should and What to Do About It. With heartfelt sincerity, she emphasizes the importance of understanding that success is not a destination, but an ongoing process of self-discovery and growth.