How to Hire and Retain the Best Talent with Sarah O’Hare, the Visionary Leader Who Empowers Women in the Workplace (Part One)

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About Sarah O’Hare: Sarah serves as Global Head of HR and Regional Representative, North America, for Freudenberg—a global technology and solutions company in the business of innovation with 11 business groups serving more than 40 industries and 50,000+ employees worldwide. Equipped with over 25 years of progressive experience, Sarah has seen tangible results in all facets of HR and business, including talent management and acquisition, training, and employee relations, among others—working diligently to ensure employee success on a global scale. In her role, Sarah has spearheaded initiatives that resulted in a 32% increase in women in specialist and management positions at Freudenberg and continues to cultivate a culture of inclusion, alongside innovation, discovery, and forward-thinking.