How to Hire Like a Pro: Hung Lee Reveals the Secrets of Recruiting (Part Two)

Episode Information

John and Hung Lee wrap up their conversation by discussing the future of work. With skills needs changing so rapidly, what does Hung see as the key to staying competitive? Delving into upskilling and reskilling, Hung provides his unique perspective on how companies can keep their workforce skilled up. He shares innovative approaches to continuous learning that don’t require huge training budgets. The episode concludes with Hung explaining the “why” behind his popular newsletter, Recruiting Brainfood. Find out what motivated him to launch it and how he curates such top-notch content. Hung leaves listeners with actionable advice for staying on top of industry news and honing their recruiting skills.

About Hung Lee: Hung Lee is the Editor of leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood He is an industry professional with over 15 years’ experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer, founder of award-winning online recruiting platform, and now Editor and Community builder at Recruiting Brainfood – the best weekly newsletter in recruitment.