How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities: A Conversation with Derek Mitchell Ph.D. (Part One)

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What does it take to be a leader who can transform some of the most challenged schools and districts in the country? How can educators use data, equity, and innovation to create lasting change for students from historically marginalized communities? In this premiere episode of “They Are Waiting For Us”, Lisa talks to Dr. Derek Mitchell, the CEO of Partners in School Innovation, an organization that empowers educators to serve these students effectively. Derek shares his personal and professional journey of becoming a passionate and visionary leader in education. Derek also discusses how he overcame the challenges and barriers he faced along the way, how he developed a culture of collaboration and learning among his team and partners, and how he continues to grow and evolve as a leader. This episode is full of insights, wisdom, and inspiration that will motivate leaders to take action and make a difference in their own sphere of influence. Whether you are an educator, a parent, a student, or anyone who cares about education and social justice, this episode is for you. Don’t miss this conversation with Derek Mitchell on “They Are Waiting For Us”.