ICYMI: Ashton Kutcher on Thorn, Singlestore, and the Ethical Responsibility of Tech Leaders

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In this inspiring episode of “Into the Singleverse” from June, Raj Verma is joined by actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher. They dive into Ashton’s journey in philanthropy, specifically his non-profit Thorn, which aims to defend children from sexual exploitation. Ashton shares his personal motivations for starting Thorn and the importance of their mission to identify and eliminate child sexual abuse material online through innovative technology partnerships, like their collaboration with Singlestore. They discuss the positive impact Thorn has already made in protecting children worldwide and what’s next for the organization. Ashton also provides perspective on the ethical responsibilities of technology leaders when it comes to prioritizing child safety and well-being over profits. Other topics include mental health challenges faced by teenage girls today and how the tech industry can make a difference. Join Raj and Ashton for an inspiring conversation on using technology for good and making a lasting impact in the lives of children.