Marketing for Good: Seth Matlins Shares His Insights on Purpose-Driven Marketing and Improving Society (Part Two)

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In the conclusion of Arun’s conversation with Seth Matlins, the Managing Director of the Forbes CMO Network, Seth shares his perspective on creativity and storytelling in marketing. He believes the insurance industry is excelling at leveraging data-driven insights while still engaging audiences through compelling narratives. Seth remains optimistic about the future of innovative, tech-enabled storytelling. He sees potential for customization at scale, delivering personalized creative matched to data insights. But human creativity and emotion will remain essential – the heart that brings data to life. Tune in to hear Matlins’ outlook on the interplay of data and creativity, along with his thoughts on how leading insurance brands blend storytelling with strategy. Discover insightful perspectives on marketing innovation from an industry leader, on this episode of FairPlay with Arun Kumar.