Meet Kendall Tichner, the Entrepreneur and TikTok Star Who is Revolutionizing Archery

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In this week’s episode, Joe chats with Kendall Tichner, the founder and CEO of Wild Captives, the first female and LGBTQ brand in the archery space. Kendall shares how she fell in love with archery, how she built a loyal fan base on TikTok, and how she launched her own line of products and services that cater to a diverse and inclusive audience.  Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a curious learner, or a fan of archery, you will find something valuable and inspiring in this conversation. Tune in to the Forbes Books Podcast and get ready to be amazed by Kendall Tichner’s story!

Photo Credit:  Shayan Asgharnia

About Kendall Tichner: Kendall is the founder and CEO of Wild Captives, an urban scouting startup that combines archery and community building. As an entrepreneur in residence at UCLA Anderson’s Venture Accelerator, Kendall helps startups launch and build audiences. With a decade of experience as a Marketing Director, she transformed underutilized industrial factories into vibrant artist and entrepreneur hubs like Industry City and Mana Contemporary. Kendall founded the Collision Project, connecting artists with industrial spaces for larger-than-life public art. She’s a content creator with 700k+ followers across platforms, a birder, plant forager, archer, and LGBTQIA+ activist.