RX7: Lily Talakoub, MD, Founder, Derm To Door

Episode Information

John welcomes Dr. Lily Talakoub to the podcast. Lily is a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Derm To Door, a customized online skin care experience. Lily talks about why dermatologists are almost uniformly entrepreneurial, whey she made the switch from orthopedic trauma to dermatology, her work in the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General, and how her startup is using AI for virtual dermatology.

You can follow Lily on Instagram and find out more about Derm to Door here.

About Dr. Lily Talakoub:
Dr. Talakoub’s decade in medicine and dermatology was molded as she began her career in the Office of the US Surgeon General. As a Washington DC insider she developed her career as a leader and expert in the saturated world of skincare and beauty. As one of the youngest CEOs in her field she grew her skincare mecca 10 fold in 5 years. She is known as an industry leader in skincare having influence over the development and branding of some of the top beauty products in the world. In 2021 she leaned into her expertise and entrepreneurial passion and developed a telederm beauty app, Derm to Door.

Dr. Lily is a leading expert on the board at Frontline Media where she has written over 100 articles on skincare and cosmetics, Dr. Talakoub is a name media insiders trust. She is a regular expert on the news, has over 150 written media pieces in magazines such as INStyle, New Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Allure to name a few, and is a national trainer and lead injection expert for Allergan.

From humble beginnings Dr. Talakoub’s secret sauce as she calls it, is hustle; and if you ask her what she sees as the biggest accomplishment of her life she says….her three kids.