From Breaking Sports News to Shaking Up the Cocktail Market: The Journey of Darren Rovell

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If you’re a sports fan, you probably know Darren Rovell as the journalist who broke some of the biggest stories in sports business, from the rise of Gatorade to the deal that brought Kobe Bryant to BodyArmor. He’s also a social media influencer who has over 2 million Twitter followers who follow his insights and analysis on sports business trends. But did you know that Darren is also an investor and an entrepreneur who recently launched his own product: KickStand Cocktails, a ready-to-drink beverage that combines vodka and fruit juice with a bit of kick. On the podcast, Darren tells Joe how he turned his passion for sports and business into a successful venture that is shaking up the canned cocktail market. They also talk about Darren’s career journey, his insights into the sports business world, and his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. We’ll also learn more about KickStand Cocktails, how it stands out from the competition, and what’s next for the brand. This is a podcast for anyone who loves sports, business, and spicy drinks. Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the most influential voices in the sports business!