Sit, Stand, Succeed: How Jason McCann Built a Workspace Empire (Part Two)

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Saurajit concludes his conversation and gets inside the mind of a CEO on the hunt for a star CIO. Jason McCann, founder of workspace innovator Vari, pulls back the curtain on his approach to hiring transformational technology leaders. Learn what specific qualities Jason looks for beyond technical expertise—strategic thinking, innovation, and creative problem-solving. Discover how he determines whether a CIO will be a true strategic partner in achieving the company’s vision. Gain insights on the evolving role of the CIO from Jason’s perspective. Hear how empowering the right technology leader is crucial for customer experience, data-driven decisions, and shaping the future of a company like Vari. Don’t miss this rare glimpse into a CEO’s playbook. Jason shares invaluable advice for evaluating, hiring, and retaining superstar CIOs poised to drive growth.