Steph Mi's Extraordinary Journey: Sky-High Stunts to Fairway Triumphs

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This week Joe chats with Steph Mi, the model & entrepreneur who stole the show at this year’s Kentucky Derby with her sky-high marketing stunt. You’ll find out how she pulled it off, what drives her passion for golf, and how she built her loyal fanbase on social media. They also talk about how Golf with Mi quickly became a sensation on the new streaming platform, OFTV. Tune in and get ready to laugh, learn, and be amazed by her incredible journey.

About Steph Mi: Steph is no stranger to the limelight. Mi has been modeling for over a decade, including being featured in the launch of the Sports Illustrated swimwear collection at Miami Swim Week, Maxim and FHM. Mi’s credits also include cameos in Foxcatcher alongside Channing Tatum, Southpaw beside Jake Gyllenhaal and on Showtime’s Tripleheader with Mike Tyson.

This All-American bombshell hails her beauty roots from her Korean and German descent, raised in Pittsburgh, PA and proudly represents Steelers nation. As a former competitor in the North American Championships, fitness and sports is part of her DNA. Mi’s penchant for sports has led to her latest endeavor, Golf with Mi. Golf with Mi is an independently presented series on OFTV and has become one of the most watched original series on the new streaming platform. Mi travels the country to the top golf courses with a featured guest and presents one-of-kind commentary.

Steph not only commands the room with her stately poise and stunning beauty but also enchants any audience. As an early adapter of social media, she has proudly coined her #arMi of fans and continues to use her platforms as a prime resource to grow her business. Her #arMi embraces her no holds barred discussions about dating, the disparity between men and women, fitness and sports.