Tariq Chauhan’s Formula for Building and Leading a World-Class Facilities Management Company

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In this episode of the Forbes Books Podcast, Joe is joined by Tariq Chauhan, the CEO of EFS Facilities Services Group. With over 26 years of diverse experience in international banking, technology, and asset management, Tariq is an entrepreneur and leader who has built and established successful companies across the globe. Under Tariq’s leadership, EFS Facilities Services Group has become a powerhouse in the facilities management sector, designing, managing, and executing services in 21 countries across Africa, South Asia, Turkey, and the Middle East. Join us as Tariq shares his insights on what it takes to build and lead a successful company, the challenges he faced in expanding into new markets, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Tariq’s passion for excellence, dedication to creating value for his clients, and commitment to delivering quality services make him an inspiration to business leaders around the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time on the Forbes Books Podcast.