The Accidental Business Guru: How Ross Pomerantz Turned Office Humor into Opportunity

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Conventional paths can lead to unconventional success. Joe’s guest on this episode of the Forbes Books Podcast, Ross Pomerantz, took the standard road to success—Stanford MBA, big tech sales job. But he found far more opportunity sharing the hilarious reality of that career on social media than following the usual route. As his alter ego ‘Corporate Bro,’ Ross pokes fun at office life and corporate culture. That led to building a massive following, becoming an unlikely business guru, and now, a tech investor. Ross shares how to find opportunities in unexpected places, why humor and authenticity are powerful business tools, and how sales aren’t as uncool as you think. If you want inspiration to forge your own unconventional path to success, this conversation is for you.

About Ross Pomerantz: Widely known as “Corp,” Ross is a Stanford-educated entrepreneur, content creator, comedian and an OG social media influencer and personality. His inimitable brand of unapologetic humor coupled with strategic business acumen has given Ross a unique platform with impressive staying power in an industry with a constantly changing landscape. His growing list of successful pursuits include entertainment, advising tech startups, venture capital, and spokesperson for Bravado.