The New Capitalism: Frank Altman's Vision for an Economic System That Works for Everyone

Episode Information

This Forbes Books Podcast episode features pioneering social entrepreneur Frank Altman, founder of Community Reinvestment Fund. Listen as he discusses his new book “A New Capitalism” and his vision for reinventing an inclusive, opportunity-driven economic system. Over his 30+ year career, Frank has been instrumental in driving billions of dollars of investment into affordable housing, small business, and community development. Now, equipped with decades of hands-on experience, Frank makes a compelling case for rebuilding capitalism to extend economic mobility to underserved groups. Tune in to hear Frank explain the systemic changes required to reinvent capitalism, building on his proven track record catalyzing opportunity for disadvantaged communities nationwide. Don’t miss this timely conversation with a leading social finance visionary about creating an economy that benefits all people, not just the privileged few.