Transforming the Commercial Real Estate Industry: Insights from a Legend, Andrew Ghertner (Part Two)

Episode Information

Join Dallas for the second part of his inspiring conversation with Andy Ghertner, where he shares valuable insights gained from his 45-year career at Cushman & Wakefield. As the Vice Chairman of Office Tenant Representation Services, Andy emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a good reputation as the most critical asset in any industry. Throughout this podcast, Andy has shared his unwavering dedication to helping clients achieve their objectives, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and integrity. He has also highlighted the importance of embracing change and adapting to new technologies in the rapidly evolving world of business. Learn from the best and apply these valuable insights to your own career, as we celebrate the champions of change who are transforming the commercial real estate industry.

About Andrew Ghertner: Andrew joined Cushman & Wakefield in 1977. With more than 40 years of real estate experience, Mr. Ghertner specializes in representing tenants and users in achieving their office space, business park, and build-to-suit objectives nationally and internationally. At Cushman & Wakefield, he has represented clients taking space in several million square feet of office buildings. Mr. Ghertner was one of the founders of Cushman & Wakefield’s operations in Atlanta and the greater Southeast, following Cushman & Wakefield’s purchase of Bugg Coppedge Ghertner & McWilliams in 1977, a regional brokerage firm where he was a principal. Atlanta is now one of Cushman & Wakefield’s most successful offices.