Unlocking Leadership Excellence: A Conversation with Phil Geldart of Eagle's Flight

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This week on the Forbes Books Podcast, Joe welcomes Phil Geldart, founder and CEO of leadership training firm Eagle’s Flight. With nearly 20 years’ experience in leadership at Nestle Canada, and nearly 25 years leading a global experiential learning company, Phil has unique expertise in driving organizational performance through strategic talent development and highly effective cultures. In their conversation, Phil shares insights on how to build a high-performing, values-driven culture. They discuss key strategies for improving productivity through changed behavior, and truly harnessing the potential in each individual. Phil also provides practical tips for leaders at all levels on empowering employees, optimizing training investments, and leading with empathy during times of change. Whether overseeing a team of 5 or 50,000, listeners will come away with actionable advice to help transform their organization’s culture and performance.