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Information technology drives innovation and lays the groundwork for business success. Unfortunately, many companies devalue how their IT team could impact their evolution and fail to realize that an IT-driven growth strategy can drive down costs, optimize productivity, and enhance cybersecurity. Join Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo, as they speak with innovators and pioneers that have harnessed the power of IT to propel their organizations. If you’d like to expand your existing market or create a new market by building your business foundations on technology, this is the podcast for you: Demystifying IT with Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo, a production of Forbes Books.

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Bhopi Dhall & Saurajit Kanungo
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Bhopi Dhall & Saurajit Kanungo

About Bhopi Dhall: Bhopi’s career has paralleled the evolution of modern IT. As an engineer and engineering manager at Texas Instruments from 1969 to 1997, he did cutting-edge work on the building blocks of advanced computing. As the head of CG Infinity, he has led projects involving business applications of AI, data mining, mobile technology, and more. Many clients have found the scope of his expertise to be a rare asset, producing digital solutions that are both innovative and fundamentally sound.

Bhopi earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and a master’s in electrical engineering from Michigan Tech. He joined Texas Instruments at a time when the company was building expansively on its early, pioneering work in integrated circuits. At TI, Bhopi and his team wrote key software for one of the world’s first supercomputers. Bhopi also played lead roles in developing systems for air traffic control, digital light processing, GPS, and image recognition. He left to found CG Infinity (originally called Cyber Group) in 1998. At first, the firm consulted on engineering projects in areas such as intelligent automation and then gradually moved to its present focus on IT for business. Bhopi has grown CG Infinity to the point where it now employs over three hundred skilled specialists at locations across the United States and in India.

About Saurajit Kanungo: Saurajit combines thirty-plus years of experience in business systems and project management with his expertise in IT. He emphasizes proactive strategic planning in the use of technology and has personally led large-scale, multiyear digital transformation initiatives, as well as many short-turnaround projects targeted to specific business goals. Saurajit’s first major leadership post was senior manager for BPA at the Airports Authority of India, where he computerized and/or upgraded accounting and business systems for five international airports. In the United States, he was VP of operations at Software Professionals, Inc., and a principal at the consultancy Pariveda Solutions before joining CG Infinity as president in 2010.

Saurajit is a graduate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He holds an MBA in information systems from the University of Texas at Arlington and has earned a PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute. His view of the present state of IT and his vision for the future is as follows: “The pandemic taught many businesses that adopting digital channels is no longer optional. The maturity of the cloud has opened up the possibilities of leveraging IT to businesses of all sizes. My teams and I are passionate about helping midsized companies find Blue Oceans by exploiting the powers of the cloud, data, and human capital.”