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FairPlay with Arun Kumar takes you on a journey into the impact of data and technology in marketing. The podcast is more than just technical mumbo-jumbo. It’s a conversation about the promises made by marketing and the intersection of regulation, questionable returns, and frustrated consumers. How can we use data wisely and fairly? How can we stay ahead of the game in an AI-driven world? Join Arun as he chats with executives, philosophers, and thought leaders who share their insights and perspectives on these vital questions. Whether you’re a CEO, CMO, investor, regulator, or simply curious about marketing, FairPlay with Arun Kumar is your ultimate destination for learning and inspiration.

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Arun Kumar
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Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is a dynamic Data and Marketing Technology Officer with a proven record of driving business growth using inventive data and technology strategies focused on developing products and managing technical operations. Respected as a data marketing expert, his unique combination of visionary business acumen and technical expertise allows Arun to activate growth and enhance performance.

His greatest strength is an instinctive ability to simplify complex solutions. Moving from abstraction to action means linking solutions to clear, measurable business outcomes—Arun’s specialty. In today’s business environment, growth-seeking organizations must learn to harness—and leverage—the power of data and technology. Arun’s is a rare skillset that will only become more valuable to an organization as data’s influence on daily life expands and evolves.