Fusion Capitalism

A Clean Energy Vision for Conservatives

Conservatives have long believed in protecting our values, our traditions, and our resources – such as human life, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Each week, join Steve Melink, a successful business CEO with a clean energy vision and platform for conservatives, as he interviews other prominent business and government leaders on the greatest opportunity of the 21st Century. If you believe the Clean Energy Revolution will improve our economy, security, health, and environment, this is the podcast for you. Fusion Capitalism with Steve Melink, from Forbes Books.

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Steve Melink
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Steve Melink

Steve Melink is founder and CEO of Melink Corporation, a provider of HVAC testing & air/water balancing services, energy-saving kitchen hood controls, solar PV systems, geothermal heating & cooling systems, and building health monitoring solutions for commercial buildings since 1987.

Steve is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ohio and holds a BSME degree from Vanderbilt and MBA from Duke University. He has served on the boards for Green Energy Ohio, Ohio Advanced Energy, U.S. Green Building Council, Green Umbrella, and Xavier University Academic Sustainability Programs.

Melink Corporation operates in two Net-Zero Energy facilities near Cincinnati, Ohio. Additionally, over 50% of its employee-owners drive hybrids and electric vehicles. Its corporate campus and business park are a model for best workplaces of the future.

Steve is the author of Fusion Capitalism – A Clean Energy Vision for Conservatives, published by ForbesBooks in 2020. In his book, he advocates for U.S. leadership in the coming clean energy revolution to win the war on climate change and improve our economy, security, and health.

Steve’s mission is to inspire a clean energy revolution and thereby make the U.S. and world safer, healthier, and more prosperous for current and future generations. He is a national expert and speaker and customers hail from across the business, education, and government sectors.