How to #KeepGoing

Anything is possible in life and in business

Everyone loves a comeback story, but how does one become a master at overcoming challenges and obstacles?  Each week, join Mari Tautimes, an entrepreneur, speaker, and author, as she speaks with groundbreakers who have overcome seemingly impossible odds to build successful businesses, lives, and communities. If you want to learn how to consistently get up after getting knocked down, this is the podcast for you, How to #KeepGoing with Mari Tautimes, a production of Forbes Books.

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Mari Tautimes
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Mari Tautimes

Mari is a world-class speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor who helps individuals and businesses to connect with powerful topics like How to Create Raving Fans, How to Get Traction in Your Business, How to Create Work Life Balance, and How to ALWAYS Level Up. Her experience and education in these areas gave her what she needed to rise up from Administrative Assistant to CEO and help grow her family’s business while raising four kids with her husband Andrew in Phoenix, Arizona.

But her path was not so simple. From her starting line, Mari’s had to overcome both physical and emotional abuse, along with the difficulties of becoming a mother at the age of 15.

Through persistence, fierce focus, and self-education – Mari has become a confident powerhouse of success. As a master speaker, trainer, and coach – Mari helps others to dream big, craft their vision, and connect with the strategic actions that drive success. Her ability to inspire, energize and engage an audience with the right message will have any audience on the edge of their seat, motivated to take action.