Tenacity Rules

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things

The difference between people who do remarkable things and those who don’t is quite simply belief. Each week, join Denise Brinkmeyer, a strategic innovator and entrepreneur, as she speaks with trailblazers and groundbreakers who have inspired and encouraged ordinary people to do extraordinary things. If you truly believe that you can get past any obstacle that presents itself, this is the podcast for you, Tenacity Rules with Denise Brinkmeyer, a production of ForbesBooks.

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Denise Brinkmeyer
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E6 P2: Charlotte Laws

October 11, 2022

E6 P1: Charlotte Laws

October 4, 2022

E5 P2 : Vishen Lakhiani

September 13, 2022

E5 P1 : Vishen Lakhiani

September 6, 2022

E4 P2 : Jy Maze

August 9, 2022

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August 2, 2022

E2 P2 : Chas Sampson

June 14, 2022

E2 P1 : Chas Sampson

June 7, 2022

About the Host

Denise Brinkmeyer

President & CEO, JUMP Technology Services

Denise is president and chief strategic innovator of JUMP Technology Services, a leading provider of award-winning information technology products and services for public agencies and organizations. She and her team help others find their way through a labyrinth of complex issues embedded in technology innovation by developing and implementing software project management and software design methodologies that dramatically increase both customer satisfaction and department performance.