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Helping teams triumph through commitment and conversation

Did you realize the key to business and team success finds its roots deep in conversation? Join Clint Padgett, who’s built his career helping Fortune 100 companies optimize their businesses, as he interviews leaders who encourage employees to learn, challenge, and grow. If you want to effectively manage people and optimize results, this is the podcast for you. The Conversation with Clinton M. Padgett from Forbes Books.

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December 14, 2022

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Clint Padgett

Raised in the small town of Orangeburg, SC, Clint Padgett grew up around businesses. His father owned and operated several small businesses around town—gas stations, liquor stores, fireworks stands—and Clint was around to help from an early age. It instilled in Clint an entrepreneurial enthusiasm that remains with him to this day. Together with his parents, his brother, and his father’s employees, they worked to make the businesses a success. That simple mission would go on to become central to Clint’s project success approach.

What’s more, that experience taught Padgett how to deal with people from all walks of life, and gave him insights into the critical role people play in project success.

Clint eventually moved on from his early days in Orangeburg and joined the Navy, spending six years on an aircraft carrier as an electrician’s mate before deciding that life on the high seas wasn’t the one he wanted. He would go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology before earning his MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Through it all, Clint learned valuable lessons, like the value of teamwork, and how easily projects can fall apart when teams aren’t working in unison. While at Georgia Tech he began to notice that while many of his classmates were brilliant technical minds they often struggled with interpersonal relationships, including communication skills. Once Padgett entered the real world, he observed those interpersonal shortcomings contribute to failed projects often due to poor communications. His passion to provide clarity through conversations was born.

Clint joined his company, PSI (Project Success Incorporated) in 1994. Since then, his job has been to help technical-minded people learn how to develop teams that can deliver massive projects that often require years of planning on time and on budget. His collaborative, actionable approach leads to team commitment that has helped achieve project success and optimize business processes for some of the world’s largest companies for the last 25 years.

Clint is a ForbesBooks Featured Author, ForbesSpeakers Thought Leader and frequently speaks at conferences on the subject of project management and teamwork, including the Executive Education program in the Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is an adjunct professor.