The Success Paradox

How to Surrender & Win in Business and in Life

Success is not a goal, it’s a lifestyle. Join Gary C. Cooper, who survived bankruptcy and a terminal diagnosis by letting go of everything he’d learned about success. His miracle story is inspiring entrepreneurs to re-think what success really is and become healthy and wealthy, like Gary is today. Learn how to surrender & win in business and in life, with Gary Cooper and The Success Paradox, a production of Forbes Books.

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Gary C. Cooper
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Gary C. Cooper

Gary Cooper is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion Services, LLC. Gary graduated from Wofford College with a BS in Economics and went on to acquire his Masters of Health Care Administration from the University of South Carolina. He has dedicated twenty-four years of service and leadership to the healthcare industry as an entrepreneur across a number of different businesses. Gary’s commitment to the industry and servant leadership has ensured that the employees, patients, and communities served by his companies have benefitted from his stewardship.

Gary’s business philosophy has created the foundation for the success of Palmetto Infusion, which will be further enhanced with its new partner, Carousel Capital. The partnership will bring sophisticated human and financial capital to the table, creating an enviable combination of resources for employees, patients, and the company.

Gary was blessed to have learned his business philosophy from his late father, Charles F. Cooper, who had an indelible impact on his family and his community. Following in his father’s footsteps, serving others has been, and continues to be, the cornerstone of Gary’s personal and professional life.

Gary and his wife Kelly reside in Pawleys Island, SC and are the parents of four beautiful children – Gracyn, Clemons, Marshall, and Sutton.