They Are Waiting for Us

How to Be a Courageous and Efficacious Leader for Education Reform

Education is more than just learning facts and skills. It’s a powerful force that can unlock the potential of every child and create a more just and affluent society. But how can we ensure that every child has access to a top-notch education that prepares them for the 21st century? In this podcast, Dr. Lisa Andrew, the President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, explores the importance of STEM education, economic mobility, and policy reform. She speaks with inspiring guests who are making a difference in education, from parents and advocates to teachers and leaders. You’ll also learn how to be a courageous leader for change and how to take action and create systems that ensure access and opportunity for an economically mobile future. Whether you want to learn more about STEM education, close the achievement gap, or create innovative learning environments, this podcast will inspire you and give you the tools you need to make a positive impact. They Are Waiting for Us with Dr. Lisa Andrew is a production of Forbes Books.

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Dr. Lisa Andrew
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Dr. Lisa Andrew

As an educator and leader, Lisa is an ardent synthesizer and empathizer who seeks connection with every engagement. Lisa is looked to for her leadership in creating spaces for people to realize their power to produce a desired effect, and to become efficacious! As the President & CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, she works to deliver and advocate for STEM education that inspires underserved students to succeed in college and careers.

In her position, Lisa’s work is focused on eliminating the divide in educational quality, access, and opportunity by inspiring parents and advocates to learn and organize, for teachers and education leaders to upskill and create STEM environments that excite students, and for policymakers to demand—and act for—change.