Uncertain Times

Survive and thrive.

We’ve been through a lot, but there are people out there making it a better place.  Each week, ForbesBooks’ Joe Pardavila speaks to folks that understand that doing good is good for you.

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Joe Pardavila
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Episode 41 - Test Drive

March 24, 2021

Episode 37 - Link Up

February 25, 2021

Episode 33 - Franchise

January 28, 2021

Episode 32 - Drink to That

January 25, 2021

About the Host

Joe Pardavila

Joe Pardavila has produced over 10,000 hours of audio content over the course of his career in podcasting and terrestrial radio.

Joe was a radio personality and producer on the legendary New York City radio station, 95.5 PLJ, where he was part of the iconic “Scott & Todd in the Morning”.

He studied Sketch & Improv Comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and was a founding member and actor in the New York-based sketch comedy group, Clip Show. The group performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the People’s Improv Theater, and their video sketches were featured on Funny or Die and the Huffington Post.

He is the co-director, writer, and producer of the award-winning horror satire, “The Witches of Bushwick”.

Currently, he serves as the director of podcasts for Advantage Media Group|ForbesBooks.